There was a little something extra under the tree for Jetstream Administration Inc. this holiday season. The “Find Our Bookkeeper” program has been acquired by Jetstream and owner, Jennifer Bauldic is thrilled with the opportunity to expand the program to serve all bookkeepers and businesses across the country in more specific ways.

“It is a natural fit of vital services that support the Canadian economy.” says owner, Jennifer Bauldic, CPFP.

The Find Our Bookkeeper (“FOB”) program was created and developed by Susan Watkin (Watkin Small Business Services Inc.) in 2020 and is a unique platform that combines skills assessment with employment and contract opportunities for Canadian bookkeepers. The program then matches the bookkeeper to a business looking for their specific qualifications.

What does this mean in plain language?

In the most basic terms, there are two communities served by the program.

Bookkeeper Community:

Bookkeepers in Canada are able to register (for free) and are taken through a guided system of the testing and assessment of their skills and experience level as a bookkeeper. This includes taking specialty industry knowledge and experience into account.

Business Community:

Every small business in Canada needs a qualified bookkeeper that they can depend on. This can be an incredibly difficult task for a small business owner to recruit, hire and train. And a bad hire can cost thousands of dollars in lost productivity, errors and tax penalties. Not counting the stress and lost sleep of not knowing their financial position.

The Result is a WIN for everyone!!

Business owners (and this includes those have have their own bookkeeping practices!) gain increased confidence in knowing they that have hired or contracted a qualified bookkeeper to manage their financial and compliance needs. No more wondering or hoping that their bookkeeper understands their industry or has the experience to handle the complexity of their operations.

Bookkeepers have access to a reliable method of validating their qualifications and experience not only to assist in attracting new clients but also for their own evaluation and professional development purposes.

And it doesn’t end there!!

With the addition of the Find Our Bookkeeper program, Jetstream has added depth to its existing service offerings and is planning for additional related supports to be added in the coming months. Stay tuned for future announcements.

To learn more about the FOB program and how you and/or your business may benefit, you are invited to attend a free information session where Jennifer will be sharing details about the program as it is today as well as the plans for the future.

Register here for the free information session. (Please note the webinar will be recorded and shared with all registrants.)

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