Many years ago, I saw fall as the Season of Doom. I was overworked and overwhelmed and was in constant worry about deadlines and client commitments. 

But in recent years, I now find myself looking forward to fall and the new routine it demands. I get excited about setting up a Halloween display in my front yard! As the cooler temperatures arrive, I start baking again. And if we have ever met, you know how much I look forward to TALL BOOT SEASON.

I stopped to think about “why” the other day and I realized it has everything to do with having control of my schedule and running my business. Being in charge means that I have enough time to complete my work, enjoy my life AND watch my bank account grow.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or overworked…and are exhausted of being exhausted. Here are 5-Ways to Take Control to help you begin new habits and change from overwhelmed to overjoyed.

  1. Use Auto-Reply to create a “No Distraction Zone”.
    • This technology is designed to speak for you so that you can focus on a task work or attend a meeting.
  2. Unsubscribe – Cancel – Decline to Free Your Headspace.
    • Unsubscribe from email content you never read.
    • Cancel all unused services/subscriptions.
    • Decline meetings and prospects that do not meet your business needs.
  3. Get Physical and get your blood flowing.
    • It takes two minutes to get your blood flowing and clear your mind. Set a timer and do it.
  4. Remember! It’s your schedule. Adjust it.
    • Increase your lead times to reduce deadline stress.
    • Book recurring personal time (lunch breaks, block evenings, etc.) to begin taking your life back.
  5. Create a Mini-Urgency.
    • Is it getting close to the end of the day? Pick a task and challenge yourself to get it done.
    • Have a meeting starting in 15-minutes? Challenge yourself to read/action/complete 3 email messages.

I encourage you to start with the one that seems easy and make it a part of your daily routine. A small change can create a big impact. 


It took time for me to build these habits. I did not do it alone, and you don’t have to either.

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