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     Giving Your Business A Lift

At Jetstream Administration Inc., we want to give your business a lift.

Cash Coaching =  Pricing and Profit Improvements

Where do we start?

You know there is that ‘something’ missing in order to achieve the success you have imagined. 

Guided Coaching

Being a Fix This Next Certified Advisor means that together, we will break your business bottlenecks one step at time and unleash your profit potential!

Cash Coaching

I am certified in the Profit First method, with direct hand-on experience in increasing profits for multiple businesses. You can be more profitable!

Coaching support

Do you dream of being profitable? Let’s make it a reality! Overworked? Let’s automate your systems! Have a trouble spot? We will tackle it.

Webinar Bites

Watch your inbox, we deliver Webinar Bites (30-min Zooms) monthly to address ongoing challenges that face small businesses today.

Webinar Workshops

When a deeper dive is needed, you will find a Workshop to deliver the training you need to create and implement a new workflow.


If you have a burning issue that needs RUSH attention .

This feature is coming — Spring 2022!!!

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About Jetstream

Why work with a Cash Coach?


  • Working with a Coach will exponentially improve your odds for success
  • It will help you see yourself and your situation more clearly
  • You will naturally become more accountable

My mission is to increase your profiitability and to put you in control of your business. This is achieved by understanding your habits and then to amplify these existing habits in a natural way in order to attain your financial goals. When you control your cash, you can manage your success.

Along the way, your business will shed unnecessary expense, set up funding accounts and allocate savings to prepare for your future needs. And of course, we will add technology where the cost-benefit analysis dictates.

When you succeed, the world succeeds. Let’s work together and create your future financial success.

Jetstream is certified and cloud experienced

Certified in Accounting and Cloud Technology

Credentials matter. And your business matters to us. That’s why we continually educate ourselves about the technology we use and complete the certification processes so you can be assured we will get the work done. From seminars to workshops and annual conferences – we stay up to date to help you stay ahead.


What People Are Saying


Keen Music Inc.

“Jennifer and her team do so much more than keep our books. They are constantly looking for and finding ways to make us work more efficiently, more thoughtfully and just plain better. Her insights gained from working with many different types of business people, in very different businesses allow her to bring valuable perspectives to our business. Perhaps most importantly, Jennifer brings a ton of positive energy and kindness to work with her every day. Make no mistake, their bookkeeping is timely and accurate but they deliver a great deal more than just that. Thank you Jennifer for all the excellent work.”


SignNation Inc.

“Working with Jennfer & Jetstream has been one of our best first business decisions. Being a startup, their expertise helps keep our bookkeeping and reporting up to date and accurate at all times. Managing bill payments and entering receipts has never been easier as well. Using Jetstream allows us to focus on our products and services rather than being tied down with administrative paperwork.  We receive up to date weekly reports on everything we need to properly forecast and plan towards our goals. In addition, whenever we need something in a moments instance we always get a hold of someone by phone or email and are attended to right away. With Jetstream you get more than a team of people to look after your books. You get a company that only sees their success by your success!”


Clementine Fields

“I have been working with Jennifer for a couple of years and I have nothing but good things to say about her service. Our online retail business had been left high and dry by no less than 4 other bookkeepers previously. I was beginning to think “what was in the water that all the bookkeepers were drinking?” Finally, I found Jetstream. We rectified the mess that was our books. We ultimately switched over to new accounting software and we have streamlined our process. I don’t have to worry or stress about how our system is working because if I ever have a question, she is a phone call away. I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

We love talking about business and accounting. Please call or email us for more information or to set up a meeting to discuss your business.

We are here to help.

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