You are running your business and things are going well. Your customer base is steady and you have excellent relationships with your suppliers. It seems that everything is going as it should. But then you ask yourself… Where is my reward for building this?  

That is where a Profit Coach comes in. A Profit Coach will help you realize the financial goals and rewards that you envision for yourself. Much of what we will talk about initially, you will already “know”. And I put that in quotations for a reason.  We may talk about putting funds aside for an upcoming project or tax filing. Your response may be that you “know” you should, but the reality is that you are not actually doing it. Working with a Coach is the difference between maintaining the status quo and reaching the next level. And when you keep working with a Coach, you will continue to achieve higher and higher levels.  

The comparison of business coaching to athletic coaching has been made time and time again. And that is because it is true. The professional baseball player knows what they should be doing when it comes to hitting and fielding but they rely on their coach for guidance and outside expertise. As your Profit Coach, we will provide you with additional outside perspectives that include: 

  • Acknowledging what is working 
  • Recommending adjustments to improve results 
  • Encouraging and providing support thru change and transition
  • Comparisons to others in industry and benchmarking your journey 
  • Keeping you accountable for your choices and actions 

The added value that you will gain from your Profit Coach is the validation that you DESERVE financial success and reward. It is not only okay, but you will be encouraged to earn and retain profits to compensate yourself (and potentially your team, too) for your hard work but also to ensure that your business has a healthy war chest to navigate economic downturns and unexpected crisis. We have worked with many people who get stuck in a mindset of “making enough money to pay the bills”. Let me be bold and say that living paycheque to paycheque is NOT OKAY.  You deserve more. You’ve earned more.  

So how do we get started? Your first question might be “How much will this cost me?” as you may be worried that you can’t afford a Profit Coach. We agree that this is a very important question. But before we  begin, we will start with a Quick Assessment of your business to identify your starting point. Similar to an athletic coach, we will not start you in Advanced Weightlifting if you have never been inside a gym before. Our whole approach will be focussed on collaborating with you and working together to set and reach your goals. And repeat. And repeat. 

It all starts with a phone call. Smart people know what action to take. Successful people take action.

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