Happy New Year! This is your year to bring your business into focus. And by focus, I mean Greater Profitability! We will tackle that To Do List that never gets any shorter, achieve those Goals that always seem just out of reach and create a better Life Balance.

My Goal for 2020 is to provide support and guidance to those seeking to amplify their business success by nurturing existing habits. Habits are our most powerful driver. What if you could use the habits that you already have and make them your Super Power?

The good news is that you already have most of the habits you need in order to achieve greater success for your business. The bad news is that you may not yet recognize their influence. And sometimes, when we are taking stock, we may mistakenly view some of them as “bad habits”.

The reality is that Failure is our greatest instructor. We all make errors, overlook details, miss an opportunity or unsuccessfully attempt to implement a new regimen into our lives (heath, financial or otherwise!). Looking at the habits that drove us to these less than ideal outcomes is where we will find the roadmap for taking a different turn the next time similar circumstances arise.

Of course, there must also be learning. If you have chosen to run your own business, you have already chosen to be a Lifelong Learner. And for those of you in the accounting and tax industry, you know all too well how important constant learning is in order to stay current and to remain expert in your given field.

It is a new year (and a new decade!) and that has us mentally charged for change. We have been conditioned for this from a very young age. And as a result, we are more open to seeing things differently at this time of year. Some of us may already have the habit of creating resolutions. Here is a list of some of the most common New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Exercise more
  2. Lose weight
  3. Get organized
  4. Save more money
  5. Quit smoking
  6. Spend more time with family and friends
  7. Take more vacation
  8. Read more

The problem with this list is that these resolutions are too vague to be successful. Let’s take #3 for example, “Get organized”. What does that even mean? If I went into my kitchen right now and re-arranged all my pots and pans according to size, did the same with my glassware and sorted my spices alphabetically… Could I then check this off as complete? I think I could. But at the end of the year, would I be patting myself on the back for this achievement? Probably not. And more likely, my kitchen is back in the disarray that it was before I completed this task.

We will start with small steps. First, to recognize our good habits. The ones we like and serve us well. The fun part is that this exercise generally reveals that we have a whole lot more good habits than we thought. Some of them may seem small and insignificant ( I brush my teeth everyday or, I return all customer calls within 24 hours) but the impact on others is usually perceived to be of much greater value.

  • Your customers have confidence that you will get back to them.
  • Your fellow commuters appreciate your fresh breath.

Ask yourself. What are your good habits? What do you do that makes you feel good and that others appreciate? This is a great place to start. This is the beginning of your journey to greater profitability in your business.

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